CalDAV synchronization with IOS works only in one direction

Hi everyone. I have a strange issue. I’ve set up calendar account on an iphone thru CalDAV from my Nextcloud instance. But the calendar is syncing only in in one direction: when I create an event through a web interface in my Nextcloud account, it is being synced down to the phone. But when I create an event (in the same calendar – associated with CalDAV from my Nextcloud) on the same phone it never gets up to my Nextcloud – they’re there on the phone, but not seeing them thru web page on my Nextcloud. Waited for over an hour to rule out any syncing delays. I don’t really know how to debug this issue. Does perhaps anyone have any idea where to look for a problem?

Hi Prezu,

if you create an event on your phone and click on it, you should be able to see where it was created and mapped to. The value to Calendar must be your NC calendar.

Hi Cyrus, thanks for replying. The Calendar value in both cases (created via web and in the phone) is the correct one. It is the calendar from my Nextcloud instance. On the phone I am certain I’m creating an event in correct calendar (the value you mentioned above is correct), but it is not being propagated to my Nextcloud. Not sure where to look for errors. Should it be signified somewhere in the logs?