CalDAV/Contacts sync problems with Hetzner's hosted Nextcloud/Storage Share and Thunderbird

A couple of months ago Hetzner re-branded their hosted NC account to Storage Share.

After changing to the new domain ( -> several of my apps started to malfunction. PhoneTrack and News became unusable. News got fixed after the support totally uninstalled it. But not the PT. Now there is something wrong with CalDAV contacts sync with Thunderbird, too, for which I’m waiting for Hetzner’s (always quick) reply.

PT and News are not on Hetzner’s supported apps list. But they did use to work before the re-branding.

Anyone else had any similar problems after NC to Storage Share change?

If not able to get PT working properly I have to start looking for another hoster, considering Webo.

There is perhaps the old domain somewhere in your configuration. You can try to set up the client software again with the new domain.

In case it is on the server, you probably need assistance from their support. Perhaps it’s enough to disable the app and delete all the related app data on the server. Then set it up again. But we don’t know if they perhaps run an update during the change of the host name, or they changed something else which breaks the app.

I’d be careful to use apps they don’t offer to support. In that case, they don’t check them before upgrades and then you can’t really rely on it. And it depends on them how much they invest to help you make it work.