Caldav & carddav fixed during update

I have, for YEARS, been fighting the infamous caldav & carddav issues.

I put off updating for a while and was recently updating from v19.x to v22.

I don’t know if this was intentional or not–but somewhere in this process these issues were fixed. However that happened–thank you :slight_smile:

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Ok, great. What were the issues you had? I’ve never had a problem with them.

I’m jealous!

Basically it was a specific/explicit warning that I got in the admin overview saying they were misconfigured and may not work as expected (after doing the recommended change):

And it’s not just me:

“50+ results for

I know the “warning” I was wasn’t critical–but I’d prefer it wasn’t there :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s just an htaccess configuration. Set the htaccess.RewriteBase parameter in your config file, then run occ maintenance:update:htaccess to actually switch to it. Easy.

Yup, I’ve seen that. I’ve seen apache configs to rewrite to the correct definition. But none of that worked for me. I’m CERTAIN that the problem in my config is stupid simple and that someone more knowledgeable could sit down and find it no problem. But I have posted to several forums (including this one) more than once & commented on other threads of similar topics–and despite all that I was never able to find a solution.

That is to say, I agree it’s not “core” Nextcloud code.

However, it is still part of Nextcloud functionality. And I’m appreciative that I don’t need to concern myself with this anymore :slight_smile: