Cal/CardDav on Android stopped working

Hi all…

Recently updated to Nextcloud from 1.
On my Andorid device, I use DavX5 for contacts and calendars which up until recently has stopped working. Syncing is OK on my Windows Laptop so I dont think its a Nextcloud issue or is it.?

I have deleted the account in Davx5 and tried to recreate it but it fails with password error. I’m using the app password in Nextcloud to get a password. My server uses 2FA.

I have also tried the Andorid apps CardDav-Sync and CalDav - Sync.

I just can’t get a connection from my phone to my server anymore…

Anyone else having this?

With thanks


First you should check if you can access the Nextcloud web gui from your Android device using a web browser. If yes, the network connection is fine and you can try to login using the app user/password in the web browser.
If this works without a problem you can try to run DAVx5 again using the app password. In parallel you should check if messages are logged to the Nextcloud log file which might give you an idea what’s going wrong here.
Finally you should check the DAVx5 support forum for any information about the root cause of the problem.