Cadviewer for demonstration purposes only tailor made software

I installed the app (cadviewer). When i open a .dwg i can view the file, but there is a text printed:

for demonstration purposes only tailor made software

How can i hide this message?

You have to do additional setup according to project documentation: GitHub - CADViewer/NextCloud: CAD viewing, markup and collaboration on NextCloud for AutoCAD, MicroStation and advanced raster graphics.

Also looks like you need to purchase a $499 license, but can use the trial with a permanent watermark.
^^ This is actually quite reasonable for CAD software… let alone that it supports Linux and Nextcloud.

I see you posted for demonstration purposes only tailor made software · Issue #73 · CADViewer/NextCloud · GitHub

You can use CADViewer with all functionality enabled, you'll just see a "trial" watermark, which will disappear with a full license.
Currently, the trial mark is permanent in unlicensed mode, so there is no time-out.
2b) Yes, if you are demonstrating to a customer, then surely we can arrange for you to get a temporary usage license key, so you get a clean canvas during demonstrations.
The error is something else, I think you have not run the back-end script to give the server full chmod 777 permissions, or you may have to change the .htaccess file, to ensure the php scripts are properly re-routed, please see: .
If you like, please write us directly, , and we can continue the discussion on 2b) above. Thanks!
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by buying a licence key? :wink:

Mod edit: This is confirmed to be true by the developer. You must purchase a license to remove that demonstration watermark. Licenses can be purchased at CADViewer - CAD Viewing and Collaboration