Caddy of docker AIO mastercontainer


The docker AIO mastercontainer has caddy build-in.
If I need a reverse proxy to nextcloud, should that AIO-internal caddy left as is, and shall thus an own caddy be used by adding one with docker compose, or can the config in /Caddyfile be completely overwritten with the reverse proxy stuff?

Please advise. Thank you

If you only want to run Nextcloud, then the built-in one should be sufficient.

If you want to run additionaly unrelated services, see all-in-one/ at main · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub

a) Do I have to keep the built-in one to have NC working? (If that’s the case, I’ll have to add an additional caddy using docker compose, in it’s own container.)

Or b) is it the way to go, to replace the built-in one with an own one for the reverse proxy?

You’re pretty fast with marking my question as solved. It’s not :wink: I’m asking as I’m new here, please don’t get me wrong. Is this regular practice here, that others decide when something is solved, or not? To be honest, I’d like to decide myself if my questions are answered, or not. I did read the docs you linked, several times, and I did not find the answer there, and nowhere else, that’s why I’m asking for here.

I did completely rewrite Caddyfile in mastercontainer (and kept the original one in apache container), and succeeded by following “”.
Thank you :slight_smile: