CAD files and drawings


Is there an app or method of getting Nextcloud to view CAD files like DWG, DXF, and/or DWF files types? Does anyone use Nextcloud on iPad to view these file types and what are you using? Thanks.


im interested too


Well, there is no app at the moment, but here is a Javascript library that could be used if someone is interested in making such an app:

There is also OpenjsCAD which could be integrated as an app too:


+1 for AutoCAD viewer in Nextcloud,this would be great as we’re in the construction industry and this would make all my users very happy.


+1 for me too


If you work for a construction company and pay for expensive Autocad subscriptions then maybe you can find and sponsor a developer that could build you such an app.


Same here, that’s something we’re missing. There are some clouds out there having that. Unfortunately I can’t do such things :confused:


@v1r0x made a 3d file viewer using three.js that could be extended to support *.dxf files: