CA not valid? Problem ONLY with IPhone


nextcloud is saying my certificate is not valid, im using Nginx but not let’s encrypt certificate, i have a TrustCor certificate from no-ip and i know its valid, none of my other devices and browsers have an issue with it, any ideas?


I guess, that you mean the Nextcloud-app.

Do you also get a certificate error, if you call your Nextcloud server in the IOS browser? Maybe you will get more error details there.

Yeah just checked with safari, it say that this connection is not private.
details say that its not trusted. let’s you check your ssl setup and the compatibility with different OS/browsers. Does this help?

I got a B rating… is that good?

“This server’s certificate chain is incomplete. Grade capped to B.”
“This server’s certificate is not trusted by Java trust store (see below for details).”

Trusted by mozilla, apple, android, windows, but not java

Ok all is good now, raised my rating to A, something about “Intermediate Certificate” inside nginx, added that and it now works.