By link shared "nextcloud text" markdown text doesn't show the images it contains

I really like the “nextcloud text” option.
There’s one problem I face: When inserting images - from however folder - they are shown properly in my view as owner of the document, but the are not displayed when others open those documents by using a sharing by a link I sent them. Instead they see a link inviting them to find the image, but to do so, the are then told to login. But the do not have a login, this is, why I invited them by a sharing link.
Is there a solution for that issue?

Indeed, there are 2 standing points that defeat the note taking purpose of “Nextcloud Text”:

  1. Not being able to simply paste an image into the editor.
  2. Not being able to share a note with the images.

I would even prefer being able to embed the images in base64 within the md file (although I understand it would probably load slowly) than not being able to share images at all.