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I hope I did not select the wrong forum here. If so, please move this thread accordingly.
I am new to Nextcloud and therefore have some basic questions regarding the Business Features - or better - the use of Nextcloud in any business.

  1. Tenant capable? The idea is to setup Nextcloud and then use it as storage for clients (like google drive or similar)
  2. Can we identify the used storage and data transfer issued each month? (required for payment process)
  3. White-label? I saw that themeing is possible. I supposed that it wont be possible to theme Nextcloud for each group, right?
  4. Clients for Windows (Phone and PC), Android and IOS. Especially WP, is there something coming up or probably not?

Hi @keks411 thanks for dropping by. As you seem to be interested in existing or not-yet existing features of Nextcloud I moved your questions to the category going by the same name (hence the edit count of 1 in your post).

Answers, I’m afraid have to come from people more knowledgeable than myself :slight_smile:

Welcome to Nextcloud!


  1. It depends on how you want to use it. Currently, Nextcloud is created from the same code behind ownCloud, with a number of improvements that still keep it compatible. Accordingly, it’s possible to use the ownCLoud sync client for Linux, Mac and Windows with Nextcloud. Itt syncs files between the server and a local folder similar to dropbox. You can use webdav, which lets you configure a folder on those same operating systems to directly access the server similar to Google Drive, mor directly, although slower, and with the need for an active internet connection. Some features of those platforms are still being worked on, such as being a direct storage provider on Android phones, so any app can access your Nextcloud files. You can certainly set up clients though, and put them into specific groups that control access to what files / users they can see / access.

  2. Storage yes, currently Nextcloud doesn’t measure transfer, however this could be done at the server operating system level. I imagine, you could pay someone to write a fairly simple Nextcloud app to do this, too, if it’s mission critical. If that interests you, you might even want to talk to some of the Nextcloud team members, about that.

  3. It’s not currently possible to have different themes based on groups in Nextcloud. You can always file a feature request though at

  4. Windows phone: no plans currently. There’s further discussion about this on this forum if you search for it. Windows PC, you can currently use the ownCloud desktop client to sync with Nextcloud (the two projects currently share most of the underlying code, and Nextcloud has pledged to remain compatible for the near term). Android client is available. Just look on FDroid or the Play Store. iOS client will likely come, but will take a bit longer.

Hope that helps!

Theming: just found an old approach of 2014 to address this in the apps store:

Haven’t had time to test it yet, though but it DOES allow user specific themes.

Even if it may not work anymore, it might serve as a codebase / approach for a new maintainer :slight_smile:

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This lets users choose their own theme among other things, although it doesn’t look like it provides per-group theme selection. Still, as you say, a code beginning point for a new maintainer…