Business Accounting App

Hi All

I want to look at the possibility of creating an accounting app. I don’t have any idea of budget because I don’t know what it will cost to create a working app from the ground up.

I want to have an app to create, record and send invoices and then to record costs. If possible, linking to sales invoices and cost invoices into the file system.

Happy to do this in stages.

I think creating the app is one thing, it is then the ongoing maintenance of the app.

Any takers for doing a job like this and if so can you let me know the cost of doing something like this please?

Many thanks



I will add another vote for this. Basic web-enabled, multi-user double-entry accounting system with basic reporting built in. Setting something up for a nonprofit right now, and it is really a shame to put the money to quickbooks.

I would suggest the initial module would have the base database, invoicing, and reports, and subsequent modules could be done for importing data, report customization, and some of the other “value-add” features of quickbooks.

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This would be a huge task, I would suggest you instead look at something like Odoo, perhaps integrating it with Nextcloud somehow.