Bulk operations on users' calendars/addressbooks


We use NextCloud in the extended family (23 accounts!), and it’s great. I’d like to apply some bulk operations, rather than ask and rely on the users individually doing something, some of whom haven’t even seen the Web UI yet, because they just subscribe to calendar/addressbooks from their laptops or phones.

Acutely, I’d like to add a group to the share list of every personal calendar, so that members of the group can access all calendars if they wish.

I can already impersonate every user, but I’d really rather not do that 23 times and click myself through every time. Instead, I’d hope for a tool that allows me to issue such bulk operations.

I do not have access to the database, as we’re hosted…

Thanks for any insights!

If you want to bypass the web-interface, you will need database access, since the shares must be set in the oc_dav_shares table.
But you should have database access, since your webserver can access the database as well. You only need to know how. And if you don’t know that, you should use the webinterface. :wink:

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I don’t have shell access. If I still had database access just because my webserver has database access, I think I’d be with the wrong hoster :wink:

I was hoping that there’d be an addon/app for NextCloud to do bulk admin tasks…

If your hoster does not provide you database access besides the use in your application, then it is a very poor, bad hoster! You do not per se need shell access, there are lots of tools like phpMyAdmin to do database maintenance tasks.

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Let’s just agree to disagree. I could get database access, but I do not want database access. Nor do I want to pay them to do a bulk operation for me. It would be fine if the bulk operation required occ, then I could open a ticket.

I realy agree to disagree! :roll_eyes:

Then you probably have to do it manually by impersonating each user, or you could send instructions to your users on how they can do it by themselfs.

Afaik, there is no occ command for doing this, or at least I couldn’t find one in the documentation. However I did find the following GitHub issue from 2020, which is closed, but I don’t think they ever implemented this. OCC commands for calendar shares · Issue #23509 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

I think you have the wrong impression. I am happy to pay anyone for their services. I just don’t think that direct database access is ever the way to go, so I don’t want to pay them to do this for me.

Thanks for the hints. Knowing that there is no bulk command means I can limit the options further, and you’re right, either it’s impersonation, hand-holding, or direct database access.