Built-in profiler

Hello everyone,

In Nextcloud 24, a new development tool will be available: a built-in profiler. This tool allows you to analyse the performance of your Nextcloud installation, list all the DB request done, the memcache statistics, the LDAP queries and the XHR requests created by the frontend.

I hope it will make it easier to directly measure the performance impact of changes, as well as being a general tool to debug DB and LDAP queries.

To enable it you will need to

  1. Make sure you are using the latest master version of server.
  2. Install the profiler application: GitHub - nextcloud/profiler: A built-in profiler UI for Nextcloud
  3. Compile the js files with npm ci && npm run build
  4. Add 'profiler' => true in your config.php
  5. Open any page and see the toolbar at the bottom (it can be collapsed) :slight_smile:

If you have any improvement suggestions, feel free to open issues in

Happy debugging! :wink:


Will the profiler app be available in the Nextcloud App Store?

Iโ€™m not completely convinced this is a good idea. On one side, this would allow users to be able to easily identify performance issue on their instance and report it to us.

On the other side, running this on production will considerably slow down a Nextcloud instance as we are collecting a lot of information and their is also privacy implications since the data contains the sql/redis parameters.