Built-in CODE Server versus separate CODE Server

I’m running a Nextcloud on a V-Server with the Built-In Code Server. Now I want to move another Nextcloud Instance to that V-Server too, and a third will follow. I want Collabora features in all three clouds. So I guess the best way would be to install a single (standalone = separated from Nextcloud) CODE Server (like written here: https://www.collaboraoffice.com/code/linux-packages/) on that webspace and connecting all three Nextclouds to that CODE Server. (Accessing the Built-In Code Server from another Nextcloud than the one where it’S running in sounds like a nice idea, but i think that won’t work nor recommended.)

Or would one CODE Server for three NC-Intances also be not recommended (due to security or performance reasons)?
Easiest for me would be to implement an Bulit-In Code Server in every of that three instances, but this will cause trouble with the server performance, right?

Would be happy got get some advice or hints whats the best for that setup.

I’m not clear on what features are removed from the ready-made Nextcloud version (limitations are vaguely mentioned in the documentation on the repo), but you are correct that your best bet is to host the full, separate release and plug it into the instances.

Definitely curious to get more clarification on this.