Built-In Code Server 21.11.6 stops after a few hours

Nextcloud version: 23.0.0
Operating system and version: Debian 11.2 Linux 5.10.0-10-amd64 on x86_64
Apache: Apache version 2.4.51
PHP version: 7.4
Collabora Online: 5.0.1
CODE built-in: 21.11.6

I have had the same issues with Collabora and its Built-In server since the update from NC 22 to 23, as discussed here in the forum and on GitHub, namely that I could not edit any documents online. I could only download them. After the update for CODE to 21.11.6 and Collabora Online 5.0.1, I was able to edit and invite others to edit documents online again. So something was fixed.

Now I am experiencing another issue. Editing only works for a few hours at a time before I need to log into the admin panel and reconfigure the built-in CODE server. Then it works again. All it does is spin a loading circle and say “Installing new server” as if it was the first time setting it up.
The admin logs do not show any related error. Just some random “Host was not connected to because it violates local access rules” warning from a few days ago, which does not seem to be connected to my issue. ( is the local address of my NC server)

Expected behaviour: Open and edit documents online.
Observed behaviour: Can open and edit documents online right after a new built-in code server was added in the admin panel. After a few hours: cannot open documents online, instead the web browser downloads document.

Any ideas?