Bug: Password with Umlaut and WebDAV not working

Hi nc-community! I’m using NextCloudPi on a Raspberry Pi 4.
NextCloudPi version v1.24.3
Nextcloud version
PHP version 7.3.14

I just encountered a problem when a user has umlauts in his password. It is not possible to connect via WebDAV when umlauts are in the password using Windows client (wether using net use nor Explorer GUI to connect).

Trying to login with password with umlauts is logged as failed login attempt for that user. The user was only able to login after changing the password to one without umlaut. Web login was working however.

Best regards, Rhodin

first and foremost it’s basically no good idea to use umlauts in passwords… as you’ll never know how it would be handled.
being careful with special characters is mandatory as well… if you decide to use those, though i think it’s your own responsibility to check if they would work as intended.

thus i’m not sure if it could be regarded a bug.

Years ago, I realized, that Windows and FTP with umlauts doesn’t work either. May you try WebDAV on a Unix-like OS?

Hi @beat, I’ll try it and report back.

I tested it on Linux Mint (Ubuntu) but was not able to establish a connection because it refuses due to “not acceptable TLS-Certificate” (I have no TLS certificate and one issued for archlinux is used instead which does not cover my nextcloud server in my local network. I didn’t follow the instructions in the nextcloud manual using davfs2 but used the Linux Mint GUI to connect WebDAV instead.
I didn’t dive into the certiifcation stuff yet, because as I understand it, you need a URL which is accessible from the certification authority which is not possible with a local server.

You can edit yout /etc/hosts file to add the adress to your system manually:    nextcloud.example.org

Hi beat, thanks your for quick reply and sorry I didn’t find time earlier to reply. As far as I understand it, your suggestion is to redirect a URL for which I would have a certificate to a local IP.
However I do not have a public URL nor a certificate to test it. Currently it’s a bit hard for me to find time to continue my exploration of raspberry and nextcloud, hopefully I’ll find some time next week. :slight_smile: