[Bug] No Contacts in NC 15.0.5 with Firefox version 45.6.0-esr

I just upgraded from NC 14.0.6 to 15.0.5. (Went very well, WELL DONE, devs!)
I sometimes use an old Firefox version 845.6.0-esr) and this version does not display any contacts at all with the new nc-version; it displays the (one) group that i have with its correct name but empty.
The error does not occur with alter firefox-versions (60-esr and 65-devel)
(The other apps (Files, Acitvity, Gallery, Mail, Tasks, Claendar, Notes, GpxPod, Polls, Tasks work fine.)

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Iā€™m not sure I get your issue though.
Could you maybe post some screenshots? Or better detail what is not working? :slight_smile:
The page is blank? Are you using latest contacts 3.0.3?

Sorry for the delay - i only use that computer on weekdays.
I use the latest stable version of contact (3.0.3). When i go to contacts the page is empty except for the (empty) group name, the navigation elements in the blue area at the top, the area-dividers and the settings link on the lower left side (cut out of the screenshot).

i do not consider this a serious bug since the browser version is (kinda) outdated but thought you devs might want to know. i can supply additional info if needed.
regards, pd

Hey! Sorry as well for the delay!
Please attach some console logs here as well