Bug - nextcloud windows app with Nvidia cards

I have found a bug while using the Windows Nextcloud app to synchronize data. Let me start off by saying I use 2 different version of nextcloud.

For my online hosting I use latest stable, and for my internal replication I use an older version 13 I think (the one which lxc comes default with proxmox)

I have found the older version works fine and have had no need to update it as it was synchronizing close to 1TB of data over a 1 gig network without any issue for months.

I had been investigating a problem with my SLI setup and through MSI Afterburner application which I use to monitor temperatures noticed that when my PC was IDLE, the clock rate was high ~1500s as if the GFX card had been in use.

Closing app by app I discovered that the nextcloud windows sync tool was causing the video cards’ clock rate to jump from a normal few hundred to a range upwards seen while gaming or putting the card to use.

I’m not sure why this is happening – a sync tool should not cause any load on my graphics card… I have stopped the tool and the clock rates go back down to normal.

these clock rates also rise when applications such as firefox or other browsers are open but when IDLE they should be low which they now are…

could whoever wrote the windows application explain the need for gfx processing?

By app you talk about the desktop client?


I was able to fix this by creating a custom nvidia application profile for nextcloud with everything turned off / disabled.

this seems to have fixed it… nextcloud is now running and gfx card is idling at 145MHZ instead of 1500…