[Bug] "Invalid Date" with contact birthdays on NC15

Since the NC15 update, I’ve had an issue adding birthdays to my contacts. It seems that by default, all calendar options request a time, including for the birthdays. I cannot skip this part, and no matter which time I choose, the birthday field ends up with the error “Invalid Date”.
Does anyone else have this and know how to fix it?

Hi!, same problem here… my “workaround” for that is to create it directly from the Android’s calendar app and it’s added successfully, I even tried inserting the same date format that the android app generates but no luck from the NC Contacts app to make it work…


This is fixed in contacts 3.0.2. :slight_smile:
I assume you were entering a January date?


NextCloud 15.0.4, but also earlier versions. with Contact 3.0.3. If you try to add a birth date of somebody old I do not seem to find an easy method to jump directly to for instance 1896 or 1925. It is not possible to enter 12-06-1925 any more. Am I missing something? What I do is click 100 times on the year down arrow, which is quit cumbersome.

Hello @NextCees, you can click the year in the header of the datepicker and navigate through years

Aaaarggggg. Thank you very much!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: