Bug (?) in Nextcloud Copying md and txt Texts

Occurs in Version 21

Step 1:

  • Create a txt document (also works the same way with markdown / md-format) with the following text:

attention: this is an example and has been never used in production. also other variations with special characters don’t work.

Step 2:
Copy the text out of the file / or your pw manager and use it as password / store it / encrypt a document with it

Step 3:
Play the role of the receiver and copy right out of the document in Nextcloud without downloading the file. The decryption won’t work. If you copy & paste the same text in a textfile, it also won’t show differences to the original one.

Step 4
Download the document from Nextcloud, open the textfile and try it with this document. It works.

I assume Nextcloud copies in hidden spaces in txt and markdown documents in the preview version.

Can anyone check this?