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Thanks a lot! :hugs:

Just installed Nextcloud to a server and I am so impressed - super cool !!

Trying to move away from Google so trying to first of all get the contacts in to Nextcloud.

I have exported them using the Google Contact web app. which created VCARD V3.0 files.
Before doing this I exported them from the Android app however these only created V2.0 VCARDS.

Anyway the v3.0 cards import and created contract records however the only problem is that the Photos are missing.

Its actually a little bit more than just this because when there is a embedded image in the VCARD the resultant Nextcloud entry doesn’t allow an photo to be added where as if the imported VCARD had no image embedded it does allow an image to be added after import.

Any workaround here or advice or have I stumbled on a known issue ? If so where is the problem with VCARD in general, the Google export or the Nextcloud import ?

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Hello and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

What nextcloud version are you using?
Does the picture appear when you click on the contact?

I will need your browser console log to investigate this issue.
Open your console, reload your page and/or do the action leading to this issue and copy/paste the log in this thread.

How to access your browser console (Click to expand)


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  • Press CMD + ALT + I to open the Web Inspector.
  • See Chrome’s step 2. (Chrome and Safari have pretty much identical dev tools.)


  1. Press F12 to open the developer tools.
  2. Click the “console” tab.


  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + K to open the Web console (COMMAND + SHIFT + K on Macs).
  • or, if Firebug is installed (recommended):
    1. Press F12 to open Firebug.
    2. Click on the “console” tab.


  1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + I to open Dragonfly.
  2. Click on the “console” tab.

Hello @nickelnoff, any news?

Picking up, as I seem to have the same issue.
Nothing in the console, I’d say, only “The following contact needed a correction that failed: duplicate types” which doesn’t seem relevant.

Otoh, checking the media info, I see something that might be relevant. The VCARD exported by google contains url’s for photo, not embedded pictures.

Could it be it?

Oh, that is interesting!!
Could you post the exported google contact here? (you can edit the sensitive data)

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