[Bug][Help] The latest updates to contacts only spins

I updated a nextcloud server 12 at home and a ver 13 server at the office and both them will not open.
I get a circle this is spinning and no information appears.
I have tried uninstalling the contacts app and reinstalling.
I have also tried restarting the nextcloud server.
This only happening on IE 11
I can see the contacts, just not the information about them.

The previous version was fine except the date picking part for birthdays …

Thanks john

Hey! Could you try clearing your cache please? :slight_smile:
Sorry for the late answer.

This is happening on multiple computers in the office and at home.
They all have windows 10 installed.
Clearing the cache did not help either.

I see on your other issue that you can now see the contacts details since you have the date picker issue. Is this fixed then?

It is worse now.
Before we could open contacts just had to guess a date or type it in manual.
I have opened a ticket on GitHub for that issue.
Now after the last update, we can not open contacts at all.
When we click on the contacts tab, they are listed but with no information,
A spinning circle is there where the information should be.
This only happening with IE 11. It does happen on both a new server at the office and one at home.

Hum !
So it works on other browsers?
Do you have anything in your nextcloud log?

Can you post a screenshot please?

Only happens in I E 11

2 different installs and this did not happen before the last contacts update
It was fine then, only the date picker problem from NC

For now, try to use other browsers than IE, it’s far too outdated. Nonetheless, I’ll try to see if I can debug it.

Design fix is in https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pull/8573
For the spinner, I’m doing my best to understand what’s wrong

I saw a few updates to contacts but it did not fix the problem.
It is still doing the same thing.

The last update to contacts did not fix the issue with IE11.

it will spin forever. 2 different server installs and cleared caches on the clients.

@jpimlott yes, unfortunately we do not support ie11 on the contacts app.