[Bug][Help] Problem after upgrade contact app on snap 12


I have the very same issue with the new contacts app (indicated in the screen shot above). And I don’t want to upgrade to nextcloud V13 yet.

  • Is there a fix available / planned to make contacts app compatible with nextcloud V12?
  • Can I downgrade the contacts app (tried this, but after restarting nextcloud, the contacts app is always updated automatically)?

On the contacts “homepage”, it’s indicated, that contacts V2.1.1 is compatible with nextcloud V12. You might considering changing this.



I had the same or similar issue using firefox. The error message in the firefox console was something like

“Content Security Policy: Die Einstellungen der Seite haben das Laden einer Ressource auf self blockiert…”

and the contacts pane showed


I could resolve the issue by enabeling the firefox dom storage. Open the URL “about:config” in firefox and search for “dom.storage.enabled”. Make sure that it is true. That’s it.

i’m having the same, or a similar issue. running nextcloud box, 12.0.5 and have updated to latest version of contacts app (2.1.2). however, the contacts web gui seems to be broken, it fails to load any contacts. in the server log the following error seems related:

ResourceLocator can not find a web root (root: /var/snap/nextcloud/5130/nextcloud/extra-apps/contacts, file: index.php/css/contacts/ec1a90e5721e7d9d4fdd08d4114e3d70-style.css, webRoot: , throw: true)

should i wait until the nextcloud box automatically updates to version 13, or what?

@thomaslp this is indeed related to the upgrade. Your issue has been fixed in 13 already.
You should upgrade asap.

Closing as it’s not relevant to the contacts app but the server upgrade! :slight_smile:

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