Bug: exif-data and picture upload


I use an iphone 5S and 6S, both with iOS 11.2.5 and nextcloud-app The server is 13.0 running on ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

I use the automatic upload with in the app. If i copy the pictures from nexcloud to a windows computer exif data (e.g. camera model, width, height, etc) are ot any longer viewable with the Windows explorer. If I copy them direct to the computer, these are viewable. What happends to the pictures?



Have you used another tool other than windows explorer to check exif information?
Could not confirm this with a quick look on Win7.

I can confirm this.
Iphone 8, latest app from Appstore, docker setup from https://hub.docker.com/_/nextcloud.
No exif info if I upload file with app.

It seems that if “most compatible” mode is enabled (convert photos to .jpg format) exif metadata is stripped (or not included) in the uploaded photo. Leaving images in their original .heic format keeps metadata.

Also, applications that create photos in .jpg format have all the metadata kept in the uploaded photo, so it appears to be an issue in the conversion to JPEG format in the IOS nextcloud client.

Confirmed. Uploaded in HEIC, converted to jpg - EXIF is there.

I confirm the behavior. ‘Most compatible’ does produce complete & valid metadata. It is even stranger: at first it only omitted GPS data. After re-installing the ios app it now looses all but ‘Dimensions’. This is pretty annoying and makes nextcloud unusable for my purposes. Is there any way to revert to a version of the app that did not have this bug? Is this going to be fixed in the foreseeable future? Or do I have to write scripts that do heic->jpg conversion now?

Soon available a fix on TestFlight, version 2.23.4 (Build 0)