[Bug] Contacts App NC 15 phone types are ignored from iOS/macOS

Hi there,

I’m using NC 15.0.5 and would like to migrate my contacts from iCloud to Nextcloud. Everythings runs great so far but there is a big problem with different phone types (mobile, office, main, …).

I exported a contact as vcard from the macos address book (vcard 3.0) and imported it into NC contacts app. All information is there phone numbers also but they don’t have a type anymore.
So let’s see the first lines of the vcard:

PRODID:-//Apple Inc.//Mac OS X 10.14.3//EN
FN:First_Name Last_Name

There are the special types VOICE and pref. If I remove these and the line looks like the following:

The type mobile or cellphone will be correct in NC then.
Any ideas for a workaround without editing every contact? Are there any problems with syncing wiht iOS/macOS after the custom types are removed?

Pending fix https://github.com/mozilla-comm/ical.js/pull/388