[Bug] Contact not found - in Contact Groups (Difference in number of Contacts)

Hi Devs,

After Synchroniszing with CalDav from Outlook in some Groups cannot be displayed cause there is the error message “Contact not found” (Kontakt nicht gefunden). Unfortunatly there is no more information. In the Log files I could not find any entry so I am stuck what to do.

I praised Nextcloud as a real alternative to google (snychronizing with DavDroid) and offered it for a few friends but now I am in a pretty pickle.

Deleting and adding new contacts unfortunatly do not do the trick and I cannot reset all to nothing cause in Outlook there could be troubles.

Has anybody some suggestions or had similar issues?

Thank you.

Contact not found is an error shown when you selected a his on the URL which does not match any contact on your addressbook.
Quick question, what exactly do you do before having this notification?

Hi @skjnldsv ,

Thank you for looking into it.

The Contacts were Synchronised with Outlook.
There are Groups.
If you click on a few Groups the error “Contact not found” appears and the Webpages shows all Contacts List.
If you click another few Groups it works (showing only the Contacts in the Group).

So a few Groups work and the few doesn’t unfortunatly.

According to your post I suggest the Group UID somehow changed and there is no fallback to assign a new Group UID - or there is a Contact UID which is somehow linked to the Group UID but could not be synchronised or something like that.

Never the less both Android (DavDroid) and Outlook (CalDav Synronizer) did not show any errors.

Probably I can get more information if I somehow tweek the Logging?

Thank you.

I’m guessing your browser is misbehaving with the app. Could you check your browser console log and post it here please?

Hi @skjnldsv ,

Will do 12 days - when I visit the one friend which has problems again.

Thanks for responding.

Hi @skjnldsv ,

I checked the browser log and I could not find anything.
The browser redirects to the All contacts uid but I could not find why.
Also I did not find a request with an uid which is apparently wrong.

I look into Web Developer -> Debugger -> Network -> Params / Response

I am sorry but I was not allowed to post logs - and since it works in Outlook and Android it is considered as a minor issue - hopefully it does not backfire.

If you can tell me what exactly I am looking for I can make another run when I get another oppertunity.


What do you mean you were not allowed?
I cannot help you without any info from the console unfortunately.

On the other hand, there is a new version incoming. Maybe it is worth testing the beta :slight_smile:

Hi @skjnldsv ,

Just want to inform you with updating to nextcloud 15 (and doing all the occ stuff) it works now.

There is no Contact not found anymore.

So really good work done with the new version. :grinning::+1:

Thank you.

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