Bug: Android app - Auto upload - not working properly

i am using the latest android app; nextcloud 24.05;

the issue issue is that i have around 10 folders in Auto upload section enabled; all were synced (ie existing data) and new are syncing …

but i have 2 directories; which have in config marked “Also upload existing files”; nothing is uploaded ie old files ;-( only new files are uploaded… is there some metadata which somehow manage that?
Can I somehow force to “sync/upload existing files” for these 2 folders inside Auto upload section?

edit2: i also tried to create a custom folder within Auto upload where i selected same local source dir and target on nextcloud … same behavior; no sync of the existing files…

is the information what was synced/stored somewhere in some metadata? seems something is broken here. … ;/


can Anyone Advice here?


@wortor did you resolve your issue?

I’m also experiencing same problem. I started a automatic upload of a big folder, but did not want to have it in the default AutomaticUpload folder. So I tried to stop the upload and manually removed the folder. Once that was done I created a new dedicated folder and enabled automatic upload again. Now I can only upload new files…

So as @wortor already have asked, do anyone know if there is a synclog/metadata/anything that can be reset or similar?

Otherwise I’m gonna check around if maybe android has some function for clearing appdata or maybe reinstall the whole app it self.

@oztmorf no luck, on your end? thanks!