Browsing pages of MS Office or LibreOffice document

Is any support available for browsing an entire MS Office or LibreOffice document, for example, DOCX or ODT, without Collabora or OnlyOffice installations?

Searching past discussions, I have found considerable mention of preview generation, but as I understand, previews are simply thumbnail representations, not browseable representations of the appearances of each page.

AFAIK, no. But there’s no reason there couldn’t be one implemented if someone decided to do so: it would just be an app.

Such a package would be a great enhancement to the ecosystem.

In a broad range of deployments that lack the resources for Collabora or OnlyOffice, viewing files, even without editing capabilities, is immensely useful.

For editing, the two solutions remain the only available, and both demand intensive resources beyond the per user demands typical of general web applications such as Nextcloud.

I have just found PHPOffice, a library that provides support in PHP without additional system dependencies for conversion to PDF, of office documents, as well as to HTML.

In principle, PDF Viewer could be generalized to support any format that may be represented as PDF with an appropriate conversion driver, as may be supplied for MSOffice or LibreOffice documents through the library.