Browse Files by Uploader

Haven’t found great answers for this. In a collaborative workspace, is there any way to automatically tag files by the user who uploaded them, perhaps even the last user to modify them?

This is a core feature in Google Drive and it’s necessary to effectively sort through files for a large, collaborative effort. Tagging who uploaded the file helps me figure out who is working on what, who has done what, and allows me to search based on these qualities.

I ran into this issue first when browsing the Memories plugin, thinking, is there a way to tell who took a photo? There’s the EXIF data, there’s manual tagging, there’s manual album creation - but is it possible to have this nugget of info “Uploaded by <User>” automatically included in the metadata of a file in a way I can search?

Many other important search features for Memories seem to be in-development still — hopefully progress is still moving on this.

Let me know if I’m missing something, and thanks in advance for any assistance!

Automatic tagging can be added by installing and configuring the Automated Tagging app from the app store. Maybe that’s what you are looking for.