Broken link to desktop app on website to github

Hi all,

the linked msi from Download and install Nextcloud pointing to github throws a 404.

It is linking to:

It should link to:

Or better to v3.13.1 .
I think the other files are facing the same issue.

Thanks for fixing.


For me, the download links on the website work. They probably fixed it already. It is still the 3.13.0 client, not sure if they have a reason why they donโ€™t promote 3.13.1 even though it is tagged in github.

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Thanks for the feedback. Topic can be closed.

The โ€œproblemโ€ seems to be that they have upgraded on github and not changed it on the web. latest on github changes automatic when they make a new release. But the filename is also changed to contain the new release number so the web is no longer correct. It is no way to have an automatic update of the web page.