Broken image links in some areas on web client(FreeNAS server)

Nextcloud version _ 18.0.1
Operating system and version: FreeNAS(FreeBSD) 11.3 (server)
Apache or nginx version Apache24 -2.4.41
PHP version 7.2.27

In the ‘activity feed’ and the contacts drop down, none of the images(both image previews or icons) are showing. They show as broken links. Right clicking and opening the image in a tab shows the image just fine, so it’s definitely available and accessible on the server. How do I fix this? Pic below.

Hello @Soygen ,

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Your screenshot does not show any preview images.
Have you checked your webserver logfile and nextcloud log file?
There should be some information what is going on (acl of directories, failed php commands, missing modules, …)