Broadcast Message in Talk

I want to know how to broadcast messages from the talk application and I don’t want the users to send messages in the group only the admin should send a message in the groups.
How Can I give permissions so that only the admin can send a message in a talk group conversation?

It is quite an emergency for me to know how can we able to achieve this in the talk application. Kindly Help me as quick as possible.

Go into talk. Press the “+” button to create a new GROUP conversation, add all the participants you want to broadcast to (easiest is to add a user-group that contains all the users), then send a message.

That way the users would be able to answer to the message… In the newer Talk releases you can lock a conversation. So you could send your message and lock the conversation afterwards.

If it doesn’t have to be Talk, you could use the Announcements app.

For reference, Talk 15 will support dedicated chat permissions: 🛂 Chat permission · Issue #3886 · nextcloud/spreed · GitHub

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HI @Chartman123

There are some disadvantages of locking a conversation I should close it every time after posting a message that’s not the permissions solution.

In an Announcement App, only content can be posted if we want to post an image to broadcast it is not possible for everyone.

Only if we are bringing chat permissions to the talk app makes the solution hope Nextcloud 25 + Talk 15 will resolve this issue of the Talk Chat Permissions.

@SysKeeper Thanks for the update seen there on Github of the source code and changes in Nextcloud 25 Version of chat permission waiting for the official release.

@Larry_Boyd For this, I will install an app from the nextcloud store called everyone and I can add every user into a group easily thanks for your response