Bringing contacts to the phone via LDAP with Nextcloud

I have an IP phone. I want to integrate my Nextcloud contacts on it so that I can use the phone book. CardDav is unfortunately not an option on the phone.
I have already activated the app “LDAP Backend” in Nextcloud. But nothing arrives on the phone. Does anyone know how to do this and how I can get the address book into the phone? I maintain the address book with many different devices and the phone should only have read access to it.

How do I get the NextCloud integrated via LDAP? Can I set up a proxy if necessary?

Hi @pwp_bln

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment.

The LDAP backend is app to allow Nextcloud to connect to a LDAP server. It does not provide LDAP services.

At the moment, there is no way, that I know of to provide an address book to a SIP phone.


If the phone is an android device you could use this: LDAP Sync | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
This apsolutely bypasses NC, but it could do the job. I could also imagine having a dedicated android device to sync ldap contacts into nextcloud via ldap sync, some contacts manager app and davdroid.