Bring back development reports

Hi, of course you are busy now, but when the development starts again, I believe it’s a very good idea to re-introduce the two-weekly development reports.

I really liked them, it was a great way to read what happened, when you didn’t had the time to test the ownCloud master version.

cc @jospoortvliet



@jospoortvliet I guess you’d need a way to at least semi-automate it? (E.g. filter out pull request that got merged in a given timeframe and are tagged as feature/enhancement, fetch the description and committer names? Maybe does not work with apps - but if we set up a list of requirements and a howto to get them into the same standard, voluntarily?) Or/And there might be 2, 3 more people willing to join to form a team?

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Yeah, a combination of automation and some help would make this far more doable and sustainable. It has proven to simply be too much work in the past… But I do think that a quick script that pulls in all merged PR’s and their description for a certain week can help a lot. Then its just a matter of selecting which ones to publish.

Anybody with some github API fu who could help with that?