Borg Backup Restore

I have installed Nextcloud on a PC using Ubuntu. Everything works fine and the people who are using it are happy with it. They are all uploading stuff ofc so i need a backup for it. I followed a guide on Youtube and installed borgbackup. It automatically backups at 3am but the last backup was on 10th february, does it only backup when there is new stuff on the cloud?
Anyway, how do i restore the files that the user uploads? I have another ssd connected to the PC where the backup should be. There are files but how do i actually restore them? Lets say they lost an important excel file, how do i get it back?

For Nextcloud backup/restore please read Backup and Restore. You must also save the Webserver/Nextcloud configuration and the database e.g. MariaDB as as described in the links.

It is usually a bad idea to simply copy the files back, as you may destroy other files. Thus, it might be better to copy a few files via another way or, for example, via a separate Nextcloud folder (your folder) and then share the folder that the other person can copy it manually back.

Also note that if you simply copy files back to Nextcloud with “cp”, Nextcloud will not notice. For this you have to use files:scan.

occ files:scan

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