Borg backup path to usb drive

My Borg backup normally goes to a USB drive, but it is not always available. In this case, Borg of course aborts with an error, but then creates some empty directories (its basic structure), with the consequence that the USB drive is mounted to a different path on the next mount (the old path is indexed) and Borg can no longer find it. Is there a simple solution for this, or do I have to do some tinkering?

create_if_missing = no 

in config didn’t work

2023-10-26 addendum:
The root cause lies in Docker’s default handling of volumes and mounting. Docker creates an empty directory if the host directory to be mounted is not available. This behavior also applies to Nextcloud-Borg volumes. This is not directly related to Nextcloud or Borg; it’s more about the configuration.

I will likely create a script that, before running Borg Backup, mounts the correct backup paths if necessary.

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