Boot from USB: "start4.elf is not compatible"

I use a Raspi 4 8GB and want to run Nextcloudpi from SSD via USB. Raspi boots fine from SD card. When I remove it and plug in the SSD with NCP on it Raspi won’t boot. Has anyone ideas please? 2 screenshots attached.
Firmware is from Aug 2020. Do I need to update it via “rpi-update”? I hesitate since the command tells me not to use it. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!


Did you try booting with a plain raspianOS?
If that boots regularly, it is an issue with the ncp-image. Otherwise if the rapsianOS works you can use the curl installiert script

No solution. Just my thoughts

You were right all the way.
Was a prob with the ncp image, which is updated at the moment. Problem therefore solved over time. Plain RaspbianOS booted fine at every time
Thank you! :slight_smile: