Boosting performance?

Hey guys,

Not a broken setup or error logs at my end.
I do have a question regarding performance.

How do I boost speed and performance on my server? Below a screenshot of the speedtest I did:

The server static assets tab shows the following:

I’m running a VM on a dual xeon server. The Virtual machine has 6 cores available and those are nearly running idle.

Anyone a idea?



I’d focus on real performance on your computer, file transfer speed, loading of the interface. These website page tools are a bit special, some optimize their website (many onetime or first time users). So with Nextcloud you benefit a lot from caching. However, if all pages take a few seconds to load, then you have a problem. In this case please use the template with all the information, so we know what you already implemented (like caching ->

Regarding the scripts and stuff in the background (chaining requests, cache policies etc.), you can help the developers to optimize stuff

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What is your network Upload speed?
My index is a bit better, even with unused JSs:

Did you try HTTP2.0? How to disable TLS 1.0

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Looks like HTTP/2 was the solution my score went up to 83 :slight_smile:

Also did some performance boost speeds from:

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My network speeds are 25 to 40 Mbps up and 250 Mbps down.
Caching is already on.
But my problem kinda solved after turning HTTP/2 on

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