Bookmarks v3.4.0-beta.1

Hello everyone,

I’ve just released a beta version of the upcoming v3.4.0 release of the bookmarks app. New features include broken links detection, automatic archival of bookmarked files, an overhauled UI and flow integration. Please see the release page for all included changes:
Please test and provide feedback :space_invader:



(You should be able to install the beta version from the UI by setting your instance release schedule to ‘daily’ and then installing it from the ‘apps’ view.)

Where is this option?

The option is in config.php:

 * The channel that Nextcloud should use to look for updates
 * Supported values:
 *   - ``daily``
 *   - ``beta``
 *   - ``stable``
'' => 'stable',

Interesting, seems Daily is not available from the webui.

Ah, what a shame. I heard this will be fixed in v20, though…

Okay. Checked and Daily is not listed under System Overview of updates of 20.0.0beta3

Hi @marcelklehr what would you like tested?

Nextcloud 20.0.0beta3 on NextcloudPi with Bookmarks-3.4.0-beta1

I downloaded the app using the Unstable link in the appstore:
wget && tar -xf bookmarks-3.4.0.tar.gz && rm -rf bookmarks-3.4.0.tar.gz

Difficulty setting up the app via basic commands.

First off, I really appreciate the app showing it is “thinking” while importing bookmarks.

  • Is it possible to auto-refresh the page after import completes? Currently it just does back to “No Bookmarks” start screen.

Okay, it seems to be a bug… clicking Recent Bookmarks or All Bookmarks will start to show bookmarks, but then drop by after a few seconds to displaying:

Also still lists 0 bookmarks after import via *.html finished, even though the bookmarks do start to appear along with thumbnails if I click one of these options. Refreshing the browser does not help.

edit: Fixed by changing ownership of bookmarks to www-data for user and group.
chown www-data ./bookmarks/ && chgrp www-data ./bookmarks/

Import Complete

All bookmarks display on left side, but the only thumbnail I see is for a singular folder called folder name on mouse hover.

  • If at all possible, I’d love to not generate this folder. Within it is my existing bookmark structure. :+1:
    • Or, a simple operation to move everything within /"folder name" up a directory to / and maintain my previous root structure for bookmarks.

Import Bookmarks vs. Settings / Import & Export Bookmarks

Import Bookmarks doesn’t give any information other than selecting the .html file to import.
Settings / Import & Export Bookmarks includes these very useful options:

  • Importing via this exact method ^^ failed. Sent you the .log file.
  • I’d love to see these options added to “Import Options” button as well since it is selectable on first run of the app.

Broken Links

Selecting Broken Links only shows me that same No Bookmarks blurb

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Thank you for getting your feet wet!!

The unnamed folder issue is fixed now. It’s due to how the older versions exported the bookmarks. If you export and import again in the new version this won’t happen anymore. :slight_smile:

The archive path is not a control for the import. It’s a setting for where in the files app your file links should be archived to.

First off, I really appreciate the app showing it is “thinking” while importing bookmarks.

Is it possible to auto-refresh the page after import completes? Currently it just does back to “No Bookmarks” start screen.

Ah, I’ll fix this.

(Also, you should really try to get away from the legacy floccus sync method. It’s deprecated already and will likely be removed in future versions. Plus, it’s unsafe.)

The issue must relate to how my bookmark folders are structured even before I import them. Suggestions appreciated. I suppose I’ve been riding the train too long. How do I stop using the legacy sync method? I don’t know how… :frowning: Am I supposed to:

  • manually remove every one time password on my Nextcloud account until it stops doing this?
  • Only import bookmarks to my browser and then sync those to my bookmarks account via Floccus
  • some combination of the two

I’m unsure of what to do. My testing is literally on a brand new instance. I am:

  1. Installing Nextcloud for the first time on a dedicated device via Debian stable Buster with Docker.
  2. Adding the Bookmark beta app.
  3. Importing bookmarks via html

I haven’t actually setup Floccus or anything else on this test instance. This is all I’ve done. Perhaps I’m missing a step to get rid of whatever legacy sync.

I’m unsure of what to do

I merely saw that your backup contains bookmarks with folder paths as tags, which is the old floccus sync method. You can follow a variation of to switch to folder-based syncing on your production instance.