Bookmarks sync with folders - Android


I want to synchronize my bookmarks from the firefox browser on the desktop pc. Therefore I use the add-on floccus. The sync works fine and when I open the bookmarks app in the browser all bookmarks are visible, even the bookmarks folders.
To use the bookmarks also on my android clients I’ve installed the app “Bookmarks” for android. The bookmarks were synched, but without folders. So the Android-App doesn’t support folders?
Is there a solution or workaround to solve this issue? Or is there a better app for android available?

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No ideas or solutions? How do you organize/sync bookmarks?

As far as I know, @dasbiswajit is working on adding folder support to the android app.

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Yes. I will be completing soon. @micson Please have a look at Folder Issue. Are you ok to send a pull request ?

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Hello Biswajit,

sounds great. I’ll have a look on the Folder Issue.
Looking forward for a solution.