Bookmark Import: labels

Is there someway to Import Bookmarks WITH their labels ?

I tryed with Google Bookmarks format but it didn’t work.

It would be nice to do that in the future maybe with csv format ?

Hey Elan,

yes, it’s possible to import bookmarks with tags. However, the imported file needs to contain the tags.
In this case, google simply doesn’t export the labels/tags you added, so there’s nothing nextcloud bookmarks can do, sadly.

Ok !

But what’s the format of the import file with tags ?

The general format that google bookmarks exports is what you need, but nextcloud bookmarks expects tags to be in comma separated form inside a TAGS attribute for each bookmark. You can try creating a bookmarḱ in nextcloud, adding some tags and hitting export. Then you will see where your tags go and where they are expected in the import procedure :wink:

I’m sorry, is there some example somewhere ?

I just would like to migrate all my Firefox/Google bookmarks into NextCloud so I can mass-share them with my coleagues.
But they are a lot, so I need to import them correctly.

Also, I alerady imported them without tags, do you think I can delete them from database without crashing the web application ?

The format used to import and export bookmarks is a simple html file where each bookmark is an anchor tag:

<a href="https://you-url-here">Your title here</a>

You can add tags as follows:

<a href="https://you-url-here" tags="tag1,tag2">Your title here</a>

Deleting them from the database should work, yes. Make sure you only delete your own bookmarks, though, in case there are other users. It’s not yet possible to share any bookmarks with the current version of the bookmarks app, however. We’re working on it, though.

Question around this as I just did the export of google bookmarks as well.

Is there a way to import them into another tool first and then export with the tags formatted as needed.

Also as I just did this I realized there is no select all that I can find to delete all these bookmarks I just imported. Can you please share with me a way to do this please.

Back in 2015 somebody filed an issue with the same problem. In their case Google simply didn’t export the tags at all. If you don’t see any of your tags when you open the exported file from Google in a plain text editor, there’s probably nothing you can do.

Deleting a selection of bookmarks will be available in the upcoming version of the bookmarks app. Until then re-importing should suffice to update tags. If you really wan to remove all bookmarks you may use SQL for that directly, but only if you know what you’re doing.

Can you point me in the right direction for the tables that I will find the info so I don’t have to do a lot of digging. I also have the same issue with the contacts app you cannot do multiple select and deletes. Which is a real pain when you don’t realize till after you imported. I am managing the contacts from my phone so it has multiple selects in the contacts app so that will be good but the bookmarks app has no other option but to do manually deletion which sucks big time for the amount that I have.

The SQL table for bookmarks is usually called oc_bookmarks.

I agree that multi-select is a must have, which is why the upcoming version of the bookmarks app will have that feature :wink:

Can you add encryption to them as well. Only one provider on the web has encrypted bookmarks and it is hushmarks. Would be nice to have encryption all around even with contacts and calendars(etesync is making a service out of it)