Bookmark Application keeps logging out


When I try to add a bookmark, I get the circle icon. It doesn’t stop spinning for over 5 minutes. So I refresh the page and get logged out.
I have tried adding a bookmark and waiting 10 seconds and the same happens, I get logged out.
I can add bookmarks sometimes but it is flaky.
Thanks for the help.


Do you see anything in the nextcloud log?


Just tried it out and I am getting:
TypeError: Return value of OC\Http\Client\Response::getHeader() must be of the type string, null returned
Do you need all the steps as well?
And at the same time I get:
Undefined offset: 0 at /var/sites/s/*******************/public_html/lib/private/Http/Client/Response.php#74
Does that help?


Which version of nextcloud and the bookmarks app do you have installed? Do you have the files_external_gdrive app installed?

The error you got appears to be an internal bug that shouldn’t, however, prevent bookmarks from being added.


Thanks for the reply. I have just updated to Nextcloud 14.02. I’ll try to add some bookmarks and see if it has made a difference. Does it matter that I am on shared hosting?


No difference. Added a bookmark fine but couldn’t tag it. Tried to another and it logged me out. The Bookmark app is made by Arthur Schiwon, Marcel Klehr, Marvin Thomas Rabe, Stefan Klemm and it is version 0.13.1


Yep, that’s the right one and that’s me :wink:

Could you check the browser console for errors, too?

(Also, which browser are you using?)


I was using Firefox on an Ubuntu 18.04 and got this from the console:
JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.0 core.js:7:542

New search handler registered search.js:66:4

Shutting down notifications: [401] Unauthorized App.vue:144

_fetch/< App.vue:144

Source map error: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource. Resource URL: https://***************/apps/bookmarks/js/dist/main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8 Source Map URL: ./[Learn More]
Just heading to Chrome


Ok Chrome was horrible. I couldn’t log in and then discovered that it was taking me from https to http? Here is the log from there.
main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:25915 GET https://***********/index.php/apps/bookmarks/bookmark/28/image 401 (Unauthorized)
infiniteScroll @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:25915
triggerEvents @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:441
triggerApi @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:426
eventsApi @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:225
Events.trigger @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:416
set @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:586
success @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:25149
options.success @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:1121
fire @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:6858
fireWith @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:6988
done @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:12895
(anonymous) @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:13138
load (async)
send @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:13157
ajax @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:12796
Backbone.ajax @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:1530
Backbone.sync @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:1513
__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_1_backbone___default.a.sync @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:25049
sync @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:868
fetch @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:1125
fetchPage @ main.bundle.js?v=070c1f53-8:25138

And that kept going for ages.

Sorry. I hope I’m not causing you stress! When it does work it is lovely to use. The tags are amazing and I wish I could do that with the passwords app.