Bluemail calendar setup with Nextcloud

Hi everyone,

I’m running a Nextcloud 23.0.4 instance through an Apache HTTP 2.4.53
I’m having a lot of devices able to connect and use the different DAV services (Ubuntu & Windows Thunderbird, Android OpenSync).
While trying to setup Android Bluemail to use the Nextcloud calendar, I’m facing some issues:
-none of the usual caldav URL are working: authentication is OK, but calendar entries are not showing
-while investigating, I did not found any Nextcloud log entry related to my tests
-digging further, I found Apache logs reporting HTTP 404 while being requested by Bluemail caldav client.
if I define the caldav URL to the same value as in Thunderbird:
I can see the following log:
“PROPFIND /remote.php/dav/calendars/$USER$/personal/remote.php/dav/principals/users/$USERS/ HTTP/1.1” 404 6748 “-” “sixthsolution/1.0 (2019/02/11; dav4android; okhttp3) Android/11”
I think there is a rewrite happening somewhere and impacting Bluemail’s caldav client capacity to access the calendar.

Is anyone able to use Bluemail’s caldav client with Nextcloud? Does it require specific settings I’m missing?

Thanks for helping :wink:

Try the caldav link in the bottom left of the calendar app.
Generate a one time password.
Check documentation
Since bluemail does not appear to be open-source you might want to ditch it for a different client. Good luck.

Thank you for your help.
I already tons of URL for accessing the CalDAV items through Bluemail, including the links from Nextcloud calendar app.

I am running into the same issue and have only recently installed Bluemail to try it out. I also tried integrating to Zimbra Calendar with the same issue. I used an alternate open source Caldav client (Opensync) to test things and it connected correctly and was able to synch my calendar.

Based on the logs from both Nextcloud Server and Zimbra Server It looks like Bluemail is incorrectly adding “/principals/users/” based on the primary user defined in the Bluemail application.
After I was unsuccessful I looked at what was returned in the logs when using OpenSync and then used the path in bluemail, but then when I checked the logs again, Bluemail had added “/principals/users/” again to the very end of the path which made it incorrect again. So I think there is an issue with the Bluemail client at the moment as it works with others. I passed my findings to Bluemail support yesterday (4 May 2022)… Hope that helps.

Hi Westofsa. I’m indeed successful with Opensync. Thanks a lot for your feedback and reporting to Bluemail.