Blocking desktop synchronization


I have problem with rules in app “File access control”.

My expectations are as follows:

  • tagged folder should not appear in Desktop Client settings or should not be able to be selected for synchronization
  • folders and sub folders should not be downloaded to local Nextcloud folder on client
  • sync errors notifications and fatal errors in Nextcloud log should not be reported whenever a file is updated in the tagged

I would like to disable synchronization for the folders that are in the group that was created by the Group folders application. And the group is shared with other users.

What is the procedure, can someone advise me?

I explored this:

  1. Add restricted tag “NoSync”
  2. Create file access rule (Block Desktop Sync)
    Rule 1: File system tag is tagged with NoSync (restricted)
    Rule 2: Request user agent is Desktop client
  3. Tag a folder containing other folders and files with “NoSync”
  4. Share the tagged folder with a user using Desktop Client

But result is not bad: