Blank screen and no sound on nextcloud talk

I have a debian nextcloud server directly with a public ip, without nat. When I try to make a call from smartphone to smartphone it is possible to establish communication but without video and without sound. What ports should I open in the firewall so that the video conference can be heard and made. I do not want to use Turn Server. I think that with public ip is not necessary. please help.

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sometimes it would make sense to search the forum first… and find several threads covering your question. maybe like this one --> Nextcloud Talk documentation? (and many more!)

here’s a quick summary… if you’re running the default setup that’s delivered with the installation of the app you most prolly won’t be able to make videocalls outside your lan.

if you want to run this feature you need to install your own co/turn-server somehwere…

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The turn server is not for the server side problems. It is for the client side problems. If a client is behind NAT or behind a dodgy firewall, the turn server will assist in the connection to the nextcloud server. so you should consider installing it for your nextcloud server.

Can I install the turn server on the same nextcloud’s computer with some special program? or must be installed in another server? I only have that with IP public without network lan. Thanks for your response.

Yes you can install it on the same machine. Please read the following HowTo for details: HowTo: Setup Nextcloud Talk with TURN server