Blank page with "Access denied." label

after installing the newest Nextcloud version on Raspberry Pi Zero, I get a blank page with label “Access denied.”
I’ve been looking for similar topics, but there is none…

could it be that nc16 wouldn’t work on a raspi zero?

Why? I’ve installed all the requirements.

so well… are you able to ssh to your server? pls post nextcloud.log and maybe apache.log as well

Sure, SSH works perfect!
I have copied my logs, but I’m not sure it is necessary.
I have seen that new-created files/folders are not accessible…
Whenever I make new file/folder I have to run chmod command.
How to set it permamently?

Apache2 access.log:
Nextcloud log is empty.

try occ comand on bash. -->

first i’d try repair and if this wouldn’t work as desired i’d advise you to make your instance more verboose so that there really gonna be some entries in nextcloud.log

Sorry, but I’m not sure what to do… :thinking:
Just run this command?
sudo -u www-data php occ log:file

I’ve done this, but nextcloud.log is still empty :confused:

Any new idea?

just read manual and do what it suggests.[quote=“JimmyKater, post:6, topic:54945”]
i’d advise you to make your instance more verboose

plus: we do need way more information about your instance… where is it running, which versions, etc…