Blank HTML notification email in Zimbra webmail


I’m using Nextcloud 17.0.2

My problem is about email notifications.

The notification email is displaying well in MacOS Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail web client … but on my Zimbra web client, the email body is blank … there is only the header with the “alt” text (my Nextcloud instance name).

A weird thing : when I forward a notification email, in HTML, the body is OK !

In plain text, there is no problem.

I send email notifications with “Sendmail” in my Nextcloud conf. I tried to use “SMTP” mode too with same results.

There is no error in my /var/www/nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log and in my mail server logs.

I’m using Zimbra 8.8.15_GA_3890 (build 20191105092048).

Thank you for your help.

Hello Pef,

The workaround i found at this time is to change CSS from line 89 of file /lib/private/Mail/EMailTemplate.php

(other value should work)

Solved the problem for me, but i not shure if it impact another thing :slight_smile:

Hope it help.

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Hello PhilV,

It works for me ! Thank you for your help.

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