Bind NextCloud to separate IP on UCS appliance?

I’m not sure if ‘Installation’ is the best location for this, but since it’s a new setup, I figured probably should put it here.

I’m working on deploying a NextCloud server using the UCS appliance, and have gotten it up and running, but one thing that I found, which isn’t very good, in my opinion, is that once up and running, if you go to the appliance address, you get the UCS portal. In my opinion, this is bad as then it’s accessible from anywhere, the Internet included, when you open up NextCloud for access from anywhere.

That being said, on the UCS appliance, is it possible to bind NextCloud to its own IP, so that the UCS portal is no longer accessible from the same location as NextCloud, and have it just accessed via the server address, instead of serveraddress/nextcloud?