BigBlueButton integration, missing recordings

hi, is there something else that needs to be done except installing the BBB integration app to be able to manage recordings in the app? we currently have a BBB server with BBB version 2.3.0-alpha7 and one with version 2.2.31 they both run with greenlight atm.

when using the NC app there is no trace of the recordings but we can find them in /var/bigbluebutton/recording/status/ended/ on the server that bigbluebutton is hosted.

here is how the dashboard looks with there being 0 recordings even thou we see new ones appare on the BBB server.

what I do is that I start the room by clicking the play button then in the room I press the record button on the top of the screen. record for a couple of seconds then pause then I end the

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

and PS. I have the same behavior on both NC 21.0.4 and NC 22.1.1 and BBB 2.2.31 and BBB 2.3.0-alpha in all combinations

It should just work. Just to make sure: You start the room from within Nextcloud and than you click on record. Is that right?

Can you check your JS console and network tab in your dev tools to see if there are any requests failing related to this app?

yes, I start it from within nextcloud with the play button on the original picture.

there is nothing that catches my eyes in the network tab except that I get a 404 on the favicon for the BBB site.
in the js console I get 2 errors:

but I did get 1 recording on the NC v22.1.1 from BBB v.2.2.31

but that file is not in nextcloud files or have any option to download, it is only available to playback from the BBB server, where there also is no way to download it.

could there be something with the BBB applications? they are not so fresh and have been using greenlight before.