Big profile picture slowdown login

I have recognized a behavior with the profile pictures. If a user sets a profile picture, it doesn’t matter if the picture is uploaded or picket up from the files app, the login will be slowdown, if the picture is too large. I have tested this behavior with a 8,5MB picture, the login will take round about 55 seconds. This seems to be too long for the latest windows Nextcloud client, the authentication is not possible, I guess there is a timeout. If I use a picture around 300KB the login take not perceptible longer then without a profile picture.
Is there a way to change the maximal picture size from 20MB to a more appropriate size?
Another thing I have tried to bypass this problem by setting this option in the config.php:
“‘enable_avatars’ => false,”
But the users a still able to set and change their profile picture.

Tanks for the Help!

Further tests have shown that this behavior only occurs with LDAP users.

Please report to